September 10, 2011


I must say I'm loving this warmer weather , and all the colour that comes with it spring is one of my favourite seasons.
Iv made the decisions not to enroll our 4 year old in to school next year , I'm going to home school her ,she is still not settling at the Autism center and she wont eat or drink while she is there unless I'm there and i just don't have the heart to send her to school while she is like this i can not see how she will learn while like this ,as a mum iv struggled with my decision iv layed awake crying in the middle of the night and the decision that has been made feels right iv enrolled her in to gym lastics for interaction with other children (not that she likes to interact ) but still !!!
and she will have Sunday school , swim lessons and plenty of other opportunities and i think we will be fine , though I'm a little bit daunted about picking the right curriculum but I'm sure it will all fall in to place!
Any how iv been planting some flowers ,and we have been getting the vegetable gardens ready we collected lots of horse poo from a lady's property last weekend so that's been dug in just waiting for the weather down this neck of the woods to get a bit warmer before we start planting !!
Apart from all the decisions being made about molly we have been keeping busy with early intervention programs and what not , and organising things around the home iv got that lets spring clean thing brewing lol we have been doing lots of baking ,cooking and cleaning and it feels good to be cleaning green and cooking /baking from scratch tho i really feel its time to get a bit more exercise in now the weather is good lol walk of a few of these winter kilos off.


  1. Oh, I do so wish it was spring coming instead of fall, here. Everything here is finishing off their summer duties and leaves are already coming down.

    Sweet picture of Molly. Good luck with your plans!

  2. Heidi, have you ever thought about finding a riding school that will take Molly. I've heard that it's a great way for special children like herself to interact with animals and other children. Would be worth it just to make some enquiries. I'm loving the warmer weather at the moment too. Maa