May 22, 2011

A Walk in the forest.

A nice morning walk in the forest on a crisp Autumn day , gosh i love the colours of Autumn the reds,yellows,orange,browns all the colours i could spend all my waking hours out doors in this season if it was not so cold lol
The weeks are flying bye so fast iv been busy with going to play groups filling out a mountain of forms again we see the specialist this week its been a long wait but this is the lady that can give us the answers we have been needing for our youngest she has a few other appointments coming up in June but we are getting close now ..and speaking of youngest our precious baby will be turning 4 next weekend gosh it only feels like yesterday when she was born with loads of thick black hair she was a little doll ...

also i have some craft projects iv been working on over the past week that i will share through out this week ,still working on some hence the mess all over the dinning room table and everyone trying to eat around stuff ;-o lol.

1 comment:

  1. My very favourite thing to do. Walk in the woods. I love the big rock and the little girl with the dark hair. Cute. B