May 14, 2011


Iv been hibernating omg this cold weather here in Tasmania ,all i can say is it's going to be one cold winter if this is what Autum is like ,and I'm sure missing our wood heater right about now ,gase just doesn't seem to do the same thing ,looks as if I'll be buying a few oil heaters to put in the kids rooms keep the chill of...
Any how iv been thrift shopping well i often go thrift or op shopping to see what Bargains may be had , and since the cold weather is about well crafting has started iv been sewing up some prim Bonnets and have some little prairie dolls on the go , and a few other things hence why i haven't been blogging as much iv been side tracked , any how the other week we came across this wooden wall plark or picture what ever you want to call it and my partner held it up and said how bout this ..well i just looked at him as to say your taste is some what Bazaar no thanks i said we don't have any little boys and i went to walk of then he said no but i could put some wood on it and turn it in to a tea towel rack, needles to say that stopped me in my tracks i really need to be a bit more creative , so with that i came across a few other bits like small table and shelves lol ... He started winging then how much to you plan on buying ,were are you going to put all this lol's in his garage ;-)
Any how he was true to his word and put a rail on it and gave it a bit of a sand and i painted it and made a tea towel to go on , i think it turned out quite well and it really shows we don't need to buy new stuff just to primmy up !!
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  1. That is really cute. I'd never have thought of doing that.

  2. I love your towel rack. It is simple and a great recycle project. Will have to keep my eyes peeled for one like this. A great idea. With love from The Victorian Rabbit

  3. Thanks guys , iv been busy crafting today i went out to the kitchen to make a cuppa and got side tracked and before i knew it 4 hours had passed lol !!

  4. I have a very dear internet friend in Tasmania she is always complaining about the cold this time of year. We both laugh as I live in Canada so I think it sounds warm. Funny how our bodies get used to our environments. B