March 8, 2011

Oh fresh air...

When sickness strikes and the sinuses are driving you crazy and you just feel really off fresh air sea air i like best i craved it   .. that sea breeze was heaven ..and there is nothing better than hearing the water break on the Shaw line , and the odd seagull , the laughter of one special little girl as she explores the rock pools and squishes her toes between the wet sand ...she even managed to hold a star fish but it had to be put on top of her ball she took down to play with ..


  1. Lovely!
    I have had a horrid migraine this week and would just love to be able to sit down by the seaside for an hr or two and breathe the salty fresh air sigh.

  2. Hi Kimmie , oh you poor thing there is nothing worse ,sea air is just the best it always lifts my spirit ...i should bottle you some and send your way lol i live on the coast im very lucky i guess :-) hope your feeling better soon!!

  3. What an unusual starfish! I have only seen the ones with 5 limbs! It's early, but I have learned my something new already!

  4. Hi Heidi..Boy am I slow at this lately ..but I am here, and totally agree with you only when I have a cold or sinus thing going on I love nothing more than taking a walk in the winter air. It gets everything flowing hahaha!!
    Seeing you toes in the sand makes me yearn for summers at the beach!!

  5. lol sharon they say we learn something new everyday , to be honest id never really thought about how many they should have but now i will starttaking more notice lol ,
    grammie your so right it becomes so stuffy in doors its greatto getout and breath fresh air , we arejustin to autum but its colder here in tasmania compared to the rest of Australia i guess because we are closer to the south pole brrrrr ..