February 27, 2011


showing me a tiny yellow flower..
Lets go for a Sunday drive the day was hot why not make the most of it before the weather is to cold ,so
i packed some lunch ,drinks and what not and off we went ... i took a few picture but they did not catch the beauties in the country side ,but Tasmania is one of the most beautiful places on earth it truly is , we headed up to lake barrington ,then on to mt Roland we went around it it was steep and a little scary but very breath taking , then on to mole creek were we stoped to take a photo of the big tassie devil lol , then on to delerain then it was time to stop again for a play at the park and a ice cream then we headed home it took hours but it was a great day so much so that we have decided every couple of weeks we are just gonna pack a picnic and head off for the day and go were the wind takes us it's so much more fun than planed trips to places i think :-)

this building would of once been a mill id love to own one wow !

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  1. Nice pictures! Beautiful mountains! It looks like you had a great day for a ride and a picnic! Sweet little girls ;-)