January 30, 2011


Oh there is nothing sweeter than a brand new baby ...
little Ruby came home from the hospital yesterday they had to stay a few days as my sister had to have a c section ..and oh what a beautiful little cherub she is so soft and those little facial expressions new baby's make are just delightful , she made me just a wee bit clucky ...NO there wont be no more new baby's in this house ..but it sure is nice to snuggle and then hand them back to there mummy !!


  1. It's the smell! I can't resist it and I am an old grandma! Well not that old But I am mourning the fact that I probably won't have any more grand children. I will have to wait for great grandchildren!

  2. Ohh...it doesn't matter how old we get, we still get those funny butterflies in the pit of our belly when we hold a newborn. That's why we are called 'mothers' I suppose. How sweet, she is lovely and congratulations to the parents. Thanks for the pics Heidi. Maa.

  3. Ruby is so sweet! You can have the fun and sis can have the not so fun stuff! Adorable little angelic face!