January 28, 2011

garden up date ..

Out in the garden my zucchini's that have turned out to be squash are growing ,,how do i know when to take them of the vines ? I'm new to this growing business... and i spotted my first capsicum ,there is plenty of buds all over the plants so I'm hoping they do well .. i really don't like paying $10 a kilo and its something we eat a lot of.. and I'm still getting tomatoes i for got to take pictures of them ...

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  1. I reckon you can take zucchini off the vine as soon as it gets to the size you want, I use the ones that are a little bigger than banana size, split them lengthwise and use on the grill, if they get bigger, great chopped up in stews or breads. If they start blanching or turning yellow, they are too ripe and not all that tasty.
    I freeze my peppers for when they get expensive, they do have abundant crops!