January 2, 2011

Lazy days !

Ohhh i just love the summer holidays ,its so good not to be in a rush for school every morning ,no packing lunches sports gear library books and the list goes on .....
we had a quite Christmas here and it was nice the children enjoyed it though the youngest was a bit unsure under the tree Christmas morning she stayed back for a while but she soon joined in oh and don't you just love the look of excitement on there faces priceless..lol
the garden is doing OK lots and lots of lettuces being consumed ..tomatoes are not doing to well ..but the rest is coming along just fine :-)
zucchini's ,capsicums,chilli's are thriving very excited since this is our first year of growing ,only wish we had of started years ago,bu better late than never i guess....


  1. Hi Heidi.. How long is the school holiday??
    Looks like a good Christmas, love the pictures of the children !!
    Sounds funny for me that your talking about your garden as I look out over a snow cover landscape!! : }
    I hope you and your family have a wonderful new year ahead of you with wonderful memories!!

  2. Hi grammie lol i guess it would they started there summer holidays on the 16th of december and go back to school for the new year on the 15th of feb so they still have a few weeks left yet :-) the sun is shinning here today we are gonna hit the beach this afternoon ,just about to go for a morning walk before it gets to hot :-) i hope your staying warm and well in the snow i know the weather is so crazy all over the world and sadley i guess it will only get worse ...but on a brighter note i hope you and your family have a fantastic new year and enjoy your winter id love to have a winter full of snow but unfortunly that doesnt happen here in winter just cold and wet :-(