January 6, 2011

Just when you think it's going to be a great start to the new year BANG Gastro hits!!!!

Just dropping in to say hello and i hope everyone is all well ...
i must say i have had better weeks apart from our 3 year old we all came down with gastro this week, and has not been much fun at all our 15 year old is just getting over her dose of it i had to call in sick for her work yesterday but hopefully everything can go back to normal now ,well as normal as life can be i guess lol ...iv found some fantastic recipes i wont to share over the coming weeks very simple and frugal and that's what this year will be all about for us we have some BIG plans that we are working towards over the coming 18 months give or take so FRUGAL will be my middle name :-)
well my friends stay healthy i will be back to blogging really soon
Hugs Heidi x 
P.S i know the photo has nothing to do with the topic just thought I'd brighten up the page ;-)


  1. Hi Heidi...I wondered what was with you....Now I see why I haven't seen you post! : }
    I think the photo is funny.. I can see a lot of reasons for its significance to this post. LOL
    Hope you all are on the mend and ready to get this new year of and running...oop.. maybe wrong choose of words there!!

  2. hi lol very funny im done with hugging buckets and running lol ... we just came home from the beach the weather has been so warm it was like 7.30 at night and there was so many still swimming , we didnt though just exsplored the rock pools tonight and took a stroll for some good fresh sea air just what we needed :-)