October 17, 2010

day 3 ....of no spending

3 days down - 11 to go ...... so far so good iv not missed spending as yet ,how ever it's still early days , it's amazed me just how much iv got done around the home ,and how much baking has got done ,i will be happy to get these last couple of rooms painted so i can start on the BIG spring clean yay i love this time of year ....... because once that is done it's time to drag out all the boxes of ChRISTMAS stuff ...yes yes I'm a big Christmas freak i love it and yes i always set up early November i can not help my self ;-o
I also need to start on my sons 18th scrap booking i was going to surprise him with a book of his first 18 years , but then he came right out and asked the other week when he was home from collage are you going to do me a scrap booking book ..mmmm kids ya haft to love them ;-) as well as i wont to start on some nice primitive Christmas crafts for the season ;-) as busy as this time of year gets i just love it so much I'm always a little bit sad to see it end ....oh and did i mention we have the Tasmania craft fair coming up to it goes over 3 or 4 days so looking forward to that and its on one week after we finish our no spend period lol good timing
take care Heidi x

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  1. Keep the no spending going . Wish I could do that. Well Heidi your site is great ...a credit to you...Keep it going....Sandi