October 21, 2010

baking,crafting,oh and red dirt .....

Not a lot going on of late just a bit of baking ,gardening ,and i did manage to start on some more crafting yay it feels good to be floating along doing what needs to be done around the house slowly but surely I'm getting there i wont to get a few more projects done over the weekend ,so i can start sorting through photo's of my son so i can start on his scrap booking , and i was thinking next weekend i will start with the big spring clean ...oh i love that because i know its getting closer to Christmas.
tho i also know i will be busy cleaning windows,going over every think from top to bottom,high pressure hosing the paths out side and unpacking all the out door furniture from the garage i just love these warm months...

Nans homemade soup recipe yum !
                                                 iv started on making some christmas crafts :-)


  1. Hi, I found your blog and I joined right away. I love to bake and cook also and I love to try new recipes. I think your blog is great.

    I want to invite you to my blog and on my website shop, you join my blog and website shop your are entered in my Huge Christams giveaway! I have more things for the giveaway that is NOT in the picture because it is a surprise!

    I am a Christian and I am a wife of 22 years to my best friend and we have 2 sons, the oldest is 18 and is in College and our 15 year old is in 10th grade, I feel very blessed!

    Prim Blessings my new friend,

  2. hi Tricia i tryed to get on to your blog and as soon as i did it came up to abort it and kicked me out grrrrr , do you know how i could get in i will keep trying.. looking forward to following your blog also as soon as i can figure out why it done that it has done that a few times latley ,im so not good working out all this computer stuff :-)

    have a blessed day my friend
    Heidi :-)

  3. hi tricia ..iv been trying to get on your blog but it keeps saying once i get to your page internet exsplorer can not open this page then it says operation aborted dang thing iv tryed to see were the problem is ,,but it beats me i will keep trying though ... hope you are well

    Heidi :-)