September 30, 2010

much loved recipe books

Back in may i brought a copy of  The 21st Birthday cookery Book of The Country women's Association in is a remake from the original copy from back in 1957 there is some awesome old recipes in there ...i was telling my mum about it and she went digging in to her recipe books and come out with 3 precious books ..
The pink one was mum's from when us children were very little ,the green one belonged to her mum whom passed on this day back in 1986 ,and the Esk vally one belonged to her mum great grandmother and there is even some of her recipes that were published in there ,the pages are ever so brittle ..and then we have mine .. one of many I'm a big collector of old recipe books..and would love to get a hold of the original copy of the one i brought ..maybe one day i will come across it at the op-shops ,or garage sale ect . until then i will enjoy baking from these treasures ;-)

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