September 27, 2010

morning in the sun !

oops not all our seedlings grew hmmmm not sure why ..I'm new to all this tho some are growing the ENDIVE ,ROCKET,CORIANDER,CHIVES but for the rest it's a no go .so i will plant some new ones and see how i go .... in the mean time i brought 2 tomatoes plants so my little helper and i went out and planted them in to pots to see how they do fingers crossed ;-) tho i will be needing more than 2 plants i wont to make relish when they are all grown so i will have to put in a fair few plants in to the garden well as other plants i do wont some produce this year so to speak but i will keep trying with the seeds as well .....
 i wounder if she thinks bye watching them they may grow faster lol it was just a thought ;-)
A quick hug for our loyal friend jack he is getting on in age poor old man he has been such a loyal friend to the kids over the years .....until next time take care :-)

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