November 10, 2012


Hello, wow have i got some exciting news , most of you guys out there know that i have a 5 year old with Autism disorder , and we have struggled with making the right decision about her education , she does not like to be separated from us and there's a whole lot of other reason along with that , so i took a leap of faith and wrote out a report sent it off to home education , and yes yes yes we have the go ahead for home education as of 1.1.2013 , I'm so looking forward to this venture and i feel like a huge weight has been lifted of my shoulders , after the year we have had i feel like its all coming together, i think some times we just need to have more faith that every think may not be as we wish all the time ,but it will all be as it should.....

Blessings xx


  1. That's good news. Heidi, I'm finding the print on your blog is a little too small and is difficult to read. I'm wondering if anyone feels the same. Is it possible for you to increase the size of the font? Hugs Sue

  2. Morning...congrats on your recent good news on Home schooling your daughter...that's great news! Its good that you are feeling like that heavy load has been lifted..
    I totally agree that things aren't as we wish all the time but will be what it should be..even when we don't understand why..

    It's really hard for me to read your post as the font is really really small..wondering if you can make it any bigger in the future.

    Fall Blessings

  3. lol two great minds think alike , it has been so long since i changed anythink on here took me awhile how to figure it out , but iv made it bigger hope it helps let me know if it needs to go a little bigger :-) big hugs to ya all.x

  4. Ah... that's better, Heidi. Thanks honey! Maa.