July 29, 2012

Winter sunshine

A Saturdays drive landed us at a few beautiful spots , the sun was shining the day was greatly enjoyed , we went to grindelwald first it was a beautiful little shopping village , then from there we went in to launceston to get some lunch and head to the gorge it was beautiful all green and lush , and there was one very excited little girl that just wanted to see the peacocks lol , after we finished there we headed home but not before stopping of at our favourite ice cream spot Andy's gelato :-)
pointing out the peacock !

1 comment:

  1. It sure looked like a beautiful day you all of you and ice cream, YUMMY!
    I hope you all enjoyed the day,you all deserved it.
    It have been through alot and I am still praying for you because I know it is still very hard for you after your Mom went home to the Lord!
    God Bless Friend,