April 24, 2012

Im staying

I'M STAYING I'm so over blogger its done nothing but course me a THUMPING headache lol , so looks as if I'm keeping this blog , i just changed a few things to make it feel new to me lol , so now that all this is decided and done i can catch up on all your blogs :-)


  1. I like the new look you have. I hate the new blogger. It used to be easy to use but now it causes me headaches and problems too.

  2. Hello Granny , thanks so much , and yes this new blogger is silly ,dont know why they never left it alone!!

  3. LOL...Hiedi at least you know that you are not alone in the total dislike and headaches of the new blogger..Guess that's waht bloggin is all about Friends threw the good and the bad even the good and bad of trying to figure out how to use what brings us all together..!!

    Smile and have a great Day!!


  4. Hi Heidi...Glad to see you are keeping this one, I wouldn't want to figure it out ...I don't do well when they start changing things...your blog has a fun look.. bits and pieces of you !! : }}
    PS Noticed that I have no picture showing ...well that's because of some foolish thing they changed...it shows on some peoples and not on other ...I can figure it out!!

  5. Glad you're sticking around girl! Yes, it can be a headache, lol.

    Enjoy the week~

  6. Your site looks great,Heidi and thanks for calling in at mine.

    Notice you are a very succcessful gardener, and preserve too. I've just got mine going again.