February 9, 2012

First lot of the pickles..

Hello all , i know iv been absent for a while ...but you no how it can get busy and time just slips bye !!
Any way the other night we had some pretty strong winds sweep through and lets just say one of my tomato plants took a battering , so i picked the tomato's of it and made a few jars of tomato and chili relish and some green tomato pickles , speaking of tomato's i just came in from giving them a water and looks as if I'll be making more relish this week , as well as I'm going to pickle some zucchini's , and my chili plants are so full so thinking i will have to do something with those as well .... and not to mention pumpkins my vines have over run every where lol and there's quite a few pumpkins on them to looking forward to harvesting them in the future before the Autumn frost !!
So what have you all got growing in your gardens ? and what delights are use cooking up ?


  1. Hi friend, I see you love to can as well, we love to can, tomatoes, relish, green beans and we pick blueberries and we make homemade jam.
    I am glad you were able to can these and they didn't go to waste. You must of had some very strong winds.
    Now look what you were able to make.
    I hope the kiddo's are enjoying the summer with you and I have been thinking of you.
    I have really been under the weather and some major bumps ahead of me but I thank the Lord for a wonderful, loving husband that is right by my side!
    Have a wonderful weekend, they are calling for some snow here, YIKES!
    Tricia XO

  2. I'm about to make some tomato relish. As you can imagine, I have a glut of tomatoes at the moment. Lots of strawberries too, but they hardly get inside ...I eat them all! hehe! Maa