January 2, 2012

Some Summer Fun!!

Summer means out door fun for these girls !!!


  1. I was telling my teen daughter that you were celebrating summer. I guess I never realized that you live in Australia or I'm just getting old and forgetful, lol. She was so excited and was wishing that we could celebrate summer after Christmas! Cute pictures of your girls! I love the one of her coming down the slide, funny face.

    Have a wonderful week~

  2. Now that looks like my kind of fun..We have snow this morning so seeing some summer fun it a welcome sight.. They look like they are enjoying themselves!!

    New year Blessings

  3. thanks angie yes summer is great though the heat is getting a bit much wish it would rain for a few days to cool things down lol and this photo of molly was one of my favourites for the day!!
    Tonya last night while we tried to sleep with the fan going on us all night i would of killed for some snow lol it was so stinking muggy all night now its 7 am and the sun is out and another hot day come muggy night to look forward to lol yay (not)..

  4. Heidi, you have been nominted for an award. Please pop over to my blog and pick it up. Congratulations Maa

  5. Hello dropping in from Maa/ Susan blog Congrats on your award. It is funny seeing your children enjoying the sun and the warm weather. I am in Canada and they are calling fr -27c tonight. Burr. B