January 7, 2012

Shopping Less ;-o

Yes Shopping less , up until my life turned upside down a few months ago , i was shopping fortnightly and it was good (no it was great not having to go weekly anymore , and i was aiming to stretch it out to monthly !!!
So new year new changes because i can tell you i have been soooo naughty going to the shops when ever over spending ,blah blah blah you get the drift Right...
So iv done my monthly shop , now i will not enter the shops for another month ,
how ever i will need 2 trips to farmer market each month for extra fresh fruit and vegetables ,besides what we grow here, and at the moment we have in ..
egg plant
and a variety of herbs
And we will be planting more over the weeks so we have a constant supply of goodness coming from the garden....

So each month i will aim for -----$400 supermarket
                                              -----$100 farmers market
                                              -----$100 butches
And that will save me quite alot because every time ya pop to the supermarket ya go in for milk and come out with a bundle of stuff that ya really could do with out , having said all this bread i get for free ( my daughter works for a bakery ) and i often get given vegetables from my auntie and uncle if we visit there farm from time to time so i think this is quite achievable ...what do ya think???
and not to mention the freezers are full and so is the pantry and stockpile cupboard so I'm set ...
And i wont be entering any other shop's ,,,apart from thrift shops op shops iv set a budget for these though !!! I'LL keep you all posted on how we are going with it it shouldn't be to hard and i recon i have the thumbs up from Miss Molly whom really doesn't like busy places due to her Autism !!


  1. I think this is a very achievable, sensible goal to set that your purse will thank you for. You will have to keep us updated as you go :]

  2. It is a good idea to have a budget and stick to it! Save where and when you can.

  3. Cute picture!

    Sounds like you have a good plan in place! Stick with it and you'll be so glad you did! Best wishes on it~