January 23, 2012

Grubbing up Candles the easy way...

I've been Crafting yes i know its been SOOo  long but I'm slowly getting back in to it and have even gotten a few sewing projects under way , i still don't really know why i stop and start these things i guess i just get side tracked and busy with other things and family life in general or it could be because i don't have a sewing room now and i get tired of setting up at the dinning table then moving things and packing things back up I'm sure some of you guys must know were I'm coming from , but I'm sure - no i know i will have a sewing room one day , the kids have to grow up and fly the coop one day right? lol

                               Grubbing Candles the easy way!!!

This way of making candles grubby is only for display purpose only
they must not be burnt!!
I used some white candles and some red ones i had put away and was not using so this is what i did ( i had done it with plastic candles before and glass jars so why not try it with candles :-)
I mod podged the candles and rolled them in oats and mixed spice ,and Cinnamon let them dry over night then mod podged them again and sprinkled some more spice then let them dry ...now its up to you whether you coat them in modge again or leave them i modged mine to seal them .. the photos don't really show up how good they turned out but they were pretty good!!!


  1. The candles turned out great! I will have to give them a try since it is so easy. Thanks.

  2. That does sound easy! You should have seen my kitchen when I tried the "dip, roll, repeat" method, lol.

  3. Hi Heidi, I added the link on my post for the Quiches, too lazy to type it out (it takes you to Joolz blog for the recipe, she has some good recipes on there too). They were yummy, but next time I will cook the onion and bacon first then add to the mixture, I think the flavour would be better. Happy cooking!

  4. Hi Heidi..yes I do know lol..
    This is a fantastic idea ..never heard it before ! I use a lot of those battery candles..so much safer to!! I will surely try this!!

  5. michelle iv tried the dip and roll it was way to messy lol Karen i'll have to follow the link they look yum , grammie it makes the plastic candle and tea lights look good i think!! and thanks sharon how have you been!!

  6. Thanks Heidi for responding to my request re:my comments issue. I'm spending a few minutes visiting those who visit me. The candles look great! Yes, I totally understand the reasons for not keeping up with crafts. Having to set up the sewing machine at the dining room table then pack it away again so we can have dinner means it does not come out very often. I saw some neat food covers made from net curtains and bound with fabric at the markets last week which really appealed - would be quite easy to make, just need to haul out the machine! Probably a good time at the moment as we are staying inside with all this rain and I can't get into town - so glad we chose to buy a home on a hill!

  7. I'm right there with you girl! I don't have a designated place for crafting although I am working earnestly on that. It's so hard to set everything up, then have to move it all and set it back up every time you want to make something. That deters me quite a bit! Of course, having 3 kids at home cuts into the crafting time as well... so I know where you are coming from!

    I make grungy candles too. I just love playing in wax though so I do mine the messy wax way. =]

    I hope you are able to get lots of creating and crafting done~

  8. These are wonderful.. and rustic and earthy and beautiful.. Did I miss something in the reading.. but how do you get all this stuff to stay on the candle, and what happens when you burn them? Does it not burn from the inside>