January 8, 2011

mosquito alert!!!

Oh no not again we try hard every summer for the past 10 years to avoid mozzie's
as our daughter is allergic to them the welts with no word of a lie go as big as bread and butter plates
it is so cruel and nasty ,a couple of years ago she got bit on the face the result was just sooooo nasty it
looked as if she had been in a nasty fight as well as scolded poor little might ... I'll up load a picture of her thigh not sure how well it will show you may need to click and up large the photo !!!


  1. Hi Heidi ...that is terrible looking ...is it painful??
    I guess I don't know what a Mozzie is, but I am assuming that it is a bee of some sort!!

    So sorry for your daughter ..hope that doesn't last long!!

  2. hi grammie it takes a few weeks some times for it to go completly ,,,mozzie is short for mosquito i think thats how you spell it i thought everyone called them mozzie's lol ..yes they drive her crazy i normally give her some medication to help with the itch ect . .. i just changed my heading to mosquito's lol

  3. Good grief! That's awful, I react like that from a bee sting! Whew! I am so sorry she has to endure that! What kind of mosquitoes are you growing there? Where is there? We are expecting a snow storm tomorrow evening and it's below freezing here.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, will see you again!

  4. Hello sharon we are growing nasty ones here lol we are in Tasmania Australia ...snow storm i carn't imagien having one of those ,though id love to exsperiance one just to see what it is like , stay warm and stay safe ...we just got back from the beach its such a warm muggy night :-)