December 10, 2010


Silly me decided to swap the 7.5 foot family tree with the much smaller primitive country tree.. well half a day later my 3 year old little helper was making more mess than was helpful bless her we had stuff every where ..oh well never mind its done now only it looks a little on the bare side so i used some fabric to make some bows to fill in the gaps for now ,looks like i will be busy through out the year making a tone more :-) and how it's all done now so all good .... also iv been down checking on the lettuces to see how they are doing not sure how they are meant to be looking because this is our first year of growing veggies the zucchini's are growing flat out ,the capsicens are a little slow ,i guess i will just learn through trial and error ;-o  I'll post a few pictures maby some one who visits may know whether they are a winner or not ...and i have a cute tea towel from our 10 year olds school all the children drew a face and they were all put on to this tea towel ..what a beautiful thing for the children to look back on one day in the future..
our old faithful friend jack poor old man !


  1. Hi Heidi.. trees and every thing looks great and it is wonderful that you have a health normal little cute!!
    Like the tea towel... wonderful idea!!
    It still seems funny to me while I'm freezing,your growing : }

  2. yeah i guess it would ..though the weather has turned really cold windy , some parts of Australia floods with more rain on the way the weather is crazy right now .. :-)