December 18, 2010


Christmas parade's we went to our local one Thursday night ,and just got back from a near bye country town one ,the children love going to see what floats are there i guess it gets you really in the Christmas spirit of things ,my favourite is seeing the older folks from the nursing homes it brings a tear to my eye every time bless them they do enjoy it ...
We have also been baking again though I'm thinking this is the last lot of cookie's that will be baked this side of Christmas .. we will be doing some more baking but just not cookie's , i can not believe it's only 1 more week to Christmas wow is this last few weeks flying bye so fast i still have quite a bit of stuff to do over the coming week but mainly just jobs out side and a good go through again in side so that there will be more time spent with family than having to think about what needs doing.
And tonight we harvest our first lettuce yay ..taste so much better than anything you buy ,I'm really looking forward for everything to be ready lol the zucchini's are flowering and have little ones growing on them it's all so exciting when it's your first time ever growing food :-)
My son used to play in this latrobe fedral band ,i missed him in there tonight :-(

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