October 14, 2010

on a mission......

Lately iv felt like our frugal ways are slipping ...yes i know we are all human

and it is easy to fall off the wagon ....
well with some much thought and thinking and a little bit of research we have decided
to have a noooooo spend period ,starting from tomorrow when we start our day we will not spend
...we will not spend for 2 weeks , it will be a challenge...how ever if we need medical or medication
we will spend ...but apart from a emergency like that we wont be spending ,tho the insurance and things like that will be payed they come strait out of the bank ...but there will be no supermarket visits we will
live off what we have in the deep freeze ,pantry , and stockpile cupboard, there will be no driving unless
it;s pouring with rain and the kids need to get to school dry and trust me it can and does happen here in Tasmania... I'm looking forward to this challenge i think it will be good ,it's so easy to go to the shop for milk and come home with a tone of other things and that's just what iv been doing of late ,i think this will get me back on track,no running to buy bread ,i will have to start baking it again it's so easy to get slack
but time to get back on track ...and it will be a fantastic way to use up the food staples iv stocked up on instead of being picky with what i cook and eat....
so it will be a interesting 2 weeks i think lol ...i will keep you all up to date with how it is all going .
  Heidi xx


  1. What about veggies and fruits? I am intrigued by this idea . . . I think we could live a good six months off our bulk storage area alone!

  2. Good luck with your no spend period

  3. Thanks sandi...michelle we have amples of apple's oranges ...ect as well as perserved fruit ,frozzen berrys ect...plenty of fresh vegies as well as frozzen so i think it should work ..tho im guessing salled mix and some fruits we eat everyday pretty much will run out and probley wouldnt last 2 weeks in freshness ..but im still looking forward to see how it all goes ...iv got plenty of fresh herbs growing but the vegies arn't ready yet for back up :-(